Selling Tips

Blackfoot/Southeastern Idaho Seller Tips

Tips for the seller are much different in some ways from the buyer tips.  Instead of focusing on payments and finding what you are looking for, you are trying to get someone else to see the positive side of your home.  What goes into that?  Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. Hire Riverside Real Estate as your Real Estate Office
  2. Your house is a product
  3. Know your competition
  4. Do not over price your house!
  5. Declutter
  6. Touch ups
  7. Make Improvements

Representation by a Real Estate Company will increase your chances of success by 100%.
Make your experience a good one with our Realtors enabling you every step of the way.

Riverside Real EstateYour House is a Product.

Think of your home as a product.  Once you can see you home as a piece of real estate, then you can figure out ways to emphasize its strengths.  Add some objectivity when looking at your home, so you can see what the potential buyers might see.  Switch it in your mind from having a home to a selling a house or piece of prime real estate.

Know your Competition

Look at the houses that are for sale near you, this is your competition.  Research local sale prices and attend open houses to make sure you price your house right.  A Realtor can assist you in every aspect of this process.

Riverside Real Estate | Blackfoot Do Not Over Price your House!

When pricing your house you want to be very cautious that you don’t price your house to high.  By over pricing you will run the risk of losing potential buyers before they even look at your home because of the price. Price your house right and you have a much higher chance of seeing immediate positive results.


Personal knick knacks and clutter are not going to help sell your house.  Pack up the personal touches, the bulky kitchen appliances, and the over abundance flooding out of your closet.  Space and storage are huge selling points. Think of how a model home would look and decorate accordingly.  It’s like dressing your child up for schoolbook pictures; you want them to look nice and not show the little kid that loves playing in the dirt.  Plus if you truly are planning on selling your house, it’s all going to get packed up anyways, might as well get started a little early and make your house look more roomy and spacious.

Touch UpsRiverside Real Estate | Blackfoot

It’s the little things that make the big difference.  So go ahead and make those touch ups. Clean up the lawn, weed the garden, and just try to make your yard look like it was recently landscaped with those little efforts.  The outside front of your house is going to be the first impression any buyer will see and look at (whether they are there in person or looking at a flyer).

Make Improvements

You know those tiny little problems that you’ve just gotten used to over the years as part of the house? Well, your prospective buyers aren’t going to just breeze past it as you do.  Make those low cost improvements now so that the buyers can’t and won’t knock their down their offer in order to deal with those potentially pesky problems.